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Launching: The Speech Consultant

Sound DevelopmentLast year I authored the article What Sounds Should My Child be Able to Say? In doing so, a number of families, including my peers, have been able to successfully utilize this information as a visual to understanding and presenting overall sound development integrated from sources such as Poole, Sander, Hena, Fudula, Templin, and Wellman.

Thank you to everyone who continues to share the post and who have provided positive feedback.

In the next few weeks, I will launch my blog: The Speech Room. My goal is to continue to bring quick research-based reads in areas such as:

  • Communication Tips and Strategies
  • Parent Friendly education
  • Strategies for dealing with behaviors
  • Obtaining Instructional control (for my SLP colleagues)
  • SLP quick references
  • and Product reviews

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